MvdT // Heritage Bracelet

The Heritage Bracelet has a lightly hammered surface as the bracelet is shaped by hand. The outside is polished, the inside has an old vintage brass finish.

Dimensions: long 17 cm, wide 4 cm, thickness 1 mm.

MvdT designs are handmade from brass, sterling 925 silver or gold. Pure metals are used from a conscious, sustainable perspective. Brass is a nickel-free alloy of copper and zinc.

Each piece will discolor and age differently as it is exposed to a range of factors. Areas with higher humidity will undergo a faster transformation compared to areas that are colder and drier. Depending on the pH level of your skin, the metals can shine or oxidize. In some cases, the oxidation can leave marks on your skin.

Use the magic care set to return your jewel to its original brass color.